This Site Gets the Word Out About New Home Commission Rebates

New Home RebatesFirst time home buyers are carefully watching every penny before they make the commitment to buy their first home. Add into the mix the fact that they are already nervous about making the biggest purchase in their lives, and you can see what they would be carefully analyzing and making certain they get the best possible deal.

New Home Rebates are another way to help first time home buyers to find the house of their dreams and still have some money at closing to enjoy their first months in the new house.

Surviving Day One – Many first time home buyers can tell you all about that first night in their new house. They begged, borrowed, and stole every penny they could to make their closing. That fist month they survived on tuna fish and macaroni and cheese, until they caught up financially. When the real estate agent offers first time buyers a cash incentive in the way of a real estate rebate, these new homeowners can walk in their new home with several thousand dollars cash to make the first month memorable.

Getting Access to the Best Help – During the home buying process, many first time home buyers are not aware of all the added costs that begin piling up long before the closing arrives. Things like a home inspection, radon testing, surveys, added costs that really start piling up quickly. The real estate agent can offer instead of cash at closing, free home services like these to help offset any additional costs the new buyers will have to be subjected to.  This website focuses on getting the word out about New Home Rebates.

Buying the Best House Now – Many home buyers are locked into a small window of houses they can afford, and chances are the house they really wanted is just outside that pricing window. One advantage of getting several thousand dollars back at closing is that you have the opportunity to jump into that slightly more expensive house and use the windfall of cash to make up the difference in mortgage payments for many months to come. This way, the new home buyer will not regret buying a house they are unhappy with, they can move into their dream house and begin building their equity.

The real estate rebates are an excellent resource for the first time home buyer, allowing them to breathe at closing, or take advantage of several free services that could have cost them thousands in out-of-pocket expenses even before they made it to closing.

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