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Boat Listing Website Has What Boater Want

Boat for SaleWhether this is your first boat purchase or you are looking for another, this boat buyers website for selecting the perfect boat has a little something for everyone. The one reason many people find themselves in the wrong boat is because they simply hastily make this impulse buy without simply stepping back and making certain this is the right boat for their unique needs. is dedicated to bring boat buyers and sellers together with the information they need to best make decisions.  Especially dedicated to the boat for sale by owner market they offer a free boat listing to try them out!  Here is a sampling from their website:

Before you make that new boat purchase, consider the following.

1. Your Boating Needs
With so many different type boats to choose from, there is the perfect boat out there for what you want to do out on the water. Unfortunately, many boat buyers fall in love with a style or size boat and jump in with “boat feet” to the purchase. Before you buy, consider your needs and go from there. If you want a fishing boat, you shouldn’t be shopping for party boats and vice versa. Identify your needs and match the right boat to your needs.

2. Staying Within a Budget
Even if you find a boat at the right price, you still need to incorporate the price of owning a boat into the mix. Determine what you budget is for the month, then consider how much it will be to store the boat at the marina or to buy a new trailer to haul it home. Consider how much fuel, maintenance, and repairs will cost. Think about how much it will be each year to winterize the boat, and include insurance, taxes, and licenses. Divide all these costs by 12 and this needs to be added to the price of the boat each month. Now you have a better idea of what you are spending.

3. New vs. Used Boat
While nothing has the appeal of being the very first owner in a new boat, the cost can sometimes set you back more than you had initially anticipated. Luckily for you, thousands of people bought a boat this year that they need to get out of quickly. For the reasons we mentioned earlier, many people can not keep the boat they sunk all their savings into and just want out. If you find the right used boat, many times the owner will throw in the trailer, gear, and accessories just to close the deal and get them out from under.

This simple boat buying guide should have you sailing in the right direction so you enjoy your new boat and time on the water this year.

Website Uses Info About Trends to Attract Buyers

Charleston SC Real EstateThere are shifts occurring in the real estate industry each year, and these trends can help you to get a better understanding of what is out there and how it affects you and your family.  Charleston SC real estate is a competitive market and the folks at Premier One understand this and bring there home buyers and sellers the information they need to make the best decisions.

Here are the top 5 important trends in real estate happening this year and how they will impact you.

1. Lending Troubles – The lending world has learned painful lessons in the past years when t comes to giving out their money to potential home buyers. This means that you better have your credit and your finances in order if you expect these lending institutions to come forward and take a chance on your. Getting your credit in order before you go house hunting will surely make the process much smoother.

2. Shifting Demographics – In one alarming statistic that is trending today, each day 10,000 baby boomers are retiring. These folks are moving many regions are changing to accommodate the influx of new buyers. Study your area and know if your area appeals to the baby boomers, it can affect both selling prices and inventory.

3. Affordable Housing – One trend that is attracting an entirely new audience are the construction of more affordable housing. These houses are being built in record numbers at more reasonable prices to fill a need to get low-income families into their first homes. This means the market in these areas is taking a ht because fair market analysis for an area with these homes brings house values down instead of up.

4. Energy Efficient Houses – As the push to be more green moves forward, more construction companies are employing the efforts of bringing green features into these homes. From the installation of solar panels, tankless water heaters, and storm resistant windows, a buyer can now make their new home more energy-efficient during the construction process.

5 Social Buying and Selling – As more people are becoming comfortable with social media, the realtors have found a new way to market and sell to their customers. Mobile apps are doing the leg work that used to fall on the realtors, allowing potential buyers to see the entire inside of a home in a video or streaming pics that gives them the chance to make decisions without having to even step foot inside these homes. This saves time for the buyers, sellers, and realtors, a win for everyone in the real estate industry.

These 5 important trends in real estate are constantly evolving, but knowing they are taking place keeps you on pace with this ever-changing space.

This Site Gets the Word Out About New Home Commission Rebates

New Home RebatesFirst time home buyers are carefully watching every penny before they make the commitment to buy their first home. Add into the mix the fact that they are already nervous about making the biggest purchase in their lives, and you can see what they would be carefully analyzing and making certain they get the best possible deal.

New Home Rebates are another way to help first time home buyers to find the house of their dreams and still have some money at closing to enjoy their first months in the new house.

Surviving Day One – Many first time home buyers can tell you all about that first night in their new house. They begged, borrowed, and stole every penny they could to make their closing. That fist month they survived on tuna fish and macaroni and cheese, until they caught up financially. When the real estate agent offers first time buyers a cash incentive in the way of a real estate rebate, these new homeowners can walk in their new home with several thousand dollars cash to make the first month memorable.

Getting Access to the Best Help – During the home buying process, many first time home buyers are not aware of all the added costs that begin piling up long before the closing arrives. Things like a home inspection, radon testing, surveys, added costs that really start piling up quickly. The real estate agent can offer instead of cash at closing, free home services like these to help offset any additional costs the new buyers will have to be subjected to.  This website focuses on getting the word out about New Home Rebates.

Buying the Best House Now – Many home buyers are locked into a small window of houses they can afford, and chances are the house they really wanted is just outside that pricing window. One advantage of getting several thousand dollars back at closing is that you have the opportunity to jump into that slightly more expensive house and use the windfall of cash to make up the difference in mortgage payments for many months to come. This way, the new home buyer will not regret buying a house they are unhappy with, they can move into their dream house and begin building their equity.

The real estate rebates are an excellent resource for the first time home buyer, allowing them to breathe at closing, or take advantage of several free services that could have cost them thousands in out-of-pocket expenses even before they made it to closing.

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